Master English Speaking

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For the self-motivated: nail that one important meeting, presentation, or conversation


One-time payment for 6 months

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On-demand English speaking lessons

Interactive speaking exercises

Unlimited automatic feedback


Live group classes

For serious students: speak fluent English in various work and social settings


One-time payment for 6 months

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On-demand English speaking lessons

Interactive speaking exercises

Unlimited automatic feedback

26 live group classes to reinforce your learning 

52 speaking exercise evaluations from our staff


Most personal attention

For the ambitious: handle all workplace conversations with ease


One-time payment for 12 months

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On-demand English speaking lessons

Interactive speaking exercises

Unlimited automatic feedback

52 live group classes to reinforce your learning 

104 speaking exercise evaluations from our staff

12 progress assessments 

A complete study plan custom made for you

How does Magoosh English Speaking compare?


Group classes

Private tutors

A community of students with similar levels

On-demand English speaking tutorial

Speaking exercises with individual feedback

Cohesive study plans from beginning to end

Curriculum design adapted to individual students

Monthly assessment to keep you on track

Learn by doing: simulations of stressful conversations

English fluency guarantee

Annual price

$499 $249

$600 to $850

$750 to $1750

"As a working professional who uses a second language at work, I've been looking for programs that can help me to communicate better at work. Magoosh English is the exact solution that provides not only English speaking education but also curriculums and verbal exercises that can help non-English speakers to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients. This is not even found in the ESL, US college, and MBA programs. After using Magoosh, I am more effective in communicating on phone calls, meeting conversations, and even in business writing. "

Ava K, customer success manager at a leading technology company

Frequently asked questions

How does your native fluency guarantee work?

We'll provide a full refund if you met the criteria below but didn't achieve mastery (CEFR level C2 in speaking):
1. Available to mastery plan students only
2. CEFR level B2 and above in our initial assessment
3. Complete 90% of the live group sessions
4. Complete 90% of the speaking exercise evaluations

What's your refund and cancellation policy?

Within 7 days, you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason.

Beyond that, you may qualify for our native fluency guarantee, if you chose the mastery plan

What kind of students are most likely to benefit from Magoosh English Speaking (MES)?

1. Intermediate and advanced English learners who want to reach native level proficiency.
2. Serious learners who can commit 1.5 hours/week practicing English speaking.

Most of our students are 22 -45 year old working professionals. They are recent immigrants, visiting scholars, or industry leaders.

How does speaking evaluations work?

Tutors will provide individual audio and text feedback around:
1. Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
2. A better way to say something that you meant to say.
3. Any related professional skills

Please note that you get 2 credits for speaking evaluations each week, and they reset every Monday 00:00am PST. Use it or lose it.

What are live group classes like?

All lessons are offered online to reinforce your learning. Students are expected to finish the relevant lessons before coming to classes.

Each group session follows roughly the same structure:
Review of on-demand lessons -> Extension of these lessons -> break-room practices -> group discussions

How does the automatic grading work?

Depending on the speaking exercise format, you'll get automatic feedback on some of the following factors:

fluency, understandability, completeness, pronunciation, and word choices.

Do you have corporate discounts?

Yes, we do. The amount of discount depends on the number of students. Send us an email at

How does progress assessment work?

For mastery students, every month you'll receive a speaking test to review things you've learned and assess your overall English speaking skills.

This ensures that you are on track to reach mastery!
Still have questions? Shoot us an email at