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Wipe away anxiety, master the language

Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, important conversations in English can be stress-inducing. Gain the skills to lead a meeting, give a presentation, and influence others, knowing that you just made your best impression.

After years of learning English, do you still feel

  • Insecure about leading a group meeting at work?
  • Nervous presenting your research to a room full of native speakers?
  • Challenged by making new friends in the neighborhood?
  • Stumped by how to build rapport with a client?

These feelings are normal, and we have the experience to address them – and to build your skills and confidence.

Here’s what we’ve learned

A lot of products out there cater to beginners and early intermediate speakers, but you’re not going to ever sound like a native speaker through rote memorization, spending a few hours in an app, or even through casual conversations with a tutor. To get to the next level, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Tutors can help, but only so much

You’ve probably worked with a tutor before, but we’ve found that students still struggle with situations that don’t come up in a normal conversation with a tutor.

Negotiating your salary, managing a team, speaking at a conference – these are high-stress situations that need practice, feedback, and practice again. Magoosh English Speaking has developed curricula to pinpoint these types of situations!

Learn, speak, feedback, repeat

That’s our Magoosh English Speaking method. In each lesson, you’ll learn from experts, spend 70% of your time practicing speaking, and get instant feedback. Our immersive lesson library simulates the exact situations that often trip up non-native speakers, so you can get hands-on experience before the real conversation happens

The most comprehensive feedback solution

Our innovative system uses machine learning to give you instant feedback about pronunciation, fluency, and keywords. On top of that, we bring in real human tutors to polish up your word choices, grammar, and the effectiveness of your overall communication.

Reach English fluency, or get your money back

If you complete 90% of our Master Plan, we guarantee that you’ll reach native-like fluency, or we’ll give you a full refund. See FAQ for details

7-day money back guarantee, no questions asked

Meet our instructors

Our instructors are more than just teachers. They’re coaches and accountability partners, too.
With Magoosh English Speaking, you get: 1. Access to weekly online office hours, 2. An accountability buddy to check in on your progress, and 3. Free tutor credits – the more you use the product, the more you get

"I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language for 18 years. At Magoosh, we’re using data to teach in a way that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s exciting!"

Anita, head of curriculum

"You can watch movies on demand, order food on demand; why not get English feedback on demand too? I look forward to hearing from you!"

Michael, content creator

Success stories

"Excellent price and quality of the products. Do not think too much. Just start studying. You will not regret it!"

Bruno Brito - Brazil
(Business Consultant)

"I’m learning English to become good at English presentation and negotiation. Teachers there are very professional.  (I've learned) sophisticated idioms which I can frequently use in business."

Kyoko T - Japan

"It's great to be able to practice speaking in english. Magoosh English Speaking sets up clear objectives for each class."

Sofia Chapiro - Argentina
(Brand Manager)

Employer partnerships

We partner with a number of organizations around the globe. If your company is interested in a partnership, contact us.