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Satisfy your most rigorous English Speaking need

Magoosh English Speaking is built for international citizens and industry leaders so you can fit in with the western culture and stand out in your career

Be professional
Be vocal
Be who you want to be

  • Are you a new manager leading a group meeting, feeling a little insecure about your English?
  • Are you presenting your research in a conference filled with native speakers?
  • Are you an expat who is trying to make friends in the neighborhood? 
  • Are you trying to build rapport with a client?

With Magoosh English Speaking, we provide all the right lessons for you to handle these difficult situations without losing your personality.

From knowing English
to mastering it

Magoosh English Speaking is built for ambitious learners. You may already speak intermediate or even advanced English but struggle with expressing yourself with nuances and under pressure.

Our immersive lesson library simulates the exact situations that are often out of non-native speakers' comfort zones, so you can master the language.

Learn, speak, feedback, repeat

Magoosh English Speaking focuses primarily on speaking skills.
You will spend 70% of your time in each lesson doing speaking exercises.

Get feedback from machine learning+ expert tutors

Get the best of both worlds: machine learning gives you instant feedback on pronunciation, fluency, and keywords, while tutors come in and polish up your word choices, grammar, and effectiveness of your overall communication

Reach native-like English proficiency or your money back

Flexible like an app, effective like a tutor, Magoosh English Speaking makes the boldest promise in the industry: if you complete 3 lessons/week, we can guarantee native-like fluency in due time. See FAQ for details

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Form a habit with all the support you need

"I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language for 18 years. At Magoosh, we’re using data to teach in a way that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s exciting!"

Anita, head of curriculum

"You can watch movies on demand, order food on demand; why not get English feedback on demand too? I look forward to hearing from you!"

Michael, content creator

"What I love about teaching Magoosh content is that we cover more than just English. We teach lessons in business etiquette, presentations, networking English, and so much more!"

Laura, instructor

Mastering English Speaking is a tough battle. While we can't fight the battle for you, we'll always be there by your side so you can persevere!

  • Weekly office hours online to answer your burning questions
  • A fellow student or staff assigned to you to check in with you and hold you accountable
  • Free tutor credits to reward those that kept on learning

Learn from a course so good that even native speakers would benefit from

We'd know because we happened to have beta tested with some native English Speakers who enjoyed our program. It's no wonder that our advanced students working with American colleagues on a daily basis find the course challenging and fulfilling!

"As a working professional who uses a second language at work, I've been looking for programs that can help me to communicate better at work. Magoosh English is the exact solution that provides not only English speaking education but also curriculums and verbal exercises that can help non-English speakers to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients. This is not even found in the ESL, US college, and MBA programs. After using Magoosh, I am more effective in communicating on phone calls, meeting conversations, and even in business writing. "

Ava K, customer success manager at a leading technology company

Join a community of dedicated learners

"Excellent price and quality of the products. Do not think too much. Just start studying. You will not regret it!"

Bruno Brito - Brazil
(Business Consultant)

"I’m learning English to become good at English presentation and negotiation. Teachers there are very professional.  (I've learned) sophisticated idioms which I can frequently use in business."

Kyoko T - Japan

"It's great to be able to practice speaking in english. Magoosh English Speaking sets up clear objectives for each class."

Sofia Chapiro - Argentina
(Brand Manager)

Grow in your career with your employers' support

Magoosh English Speaking partners with employers around the globe who care about their employees' growth